Monday, October 31, 2016

Oracle Exadata Virtual Conference Nov 8-9, 2016

Oracle Exadata Virtual Conference Nov 8-9, 2016

Up to twice a year the Exadata Special Interest Group (SIG) holds a virtual (web) conference.  This falls virtual conference will be held Tuesday, November 8, and Wednesday, November 9.  

During this conference, topics include:
  • Compute and Data Management
  • Database In-Memory Best Practices
  • Database In-Memory Case Study
  • Exadata Case Study
  • Exadata Cloud Service Use Cases
  • Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture for Cloud
  • Exadata Software Deep Dive

The session titles, speakers and times are below.  Additional session information can be found at the Exadata Virtual Conference Agenda – scroll down to the Virtual Conference Section on this page.

This is an excellent learning opportunity.  Please consider attending and invite a friend.

Please register at Exadata Virtual Conference Registration page.

Tuesday 8-8:45 AM PT
Revolutionizing Compute and Data Management
Presenter:  Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager, Oracle

Tuesday 9-9:45 AM PT

Scaling Your Business with Exadata: A Case Study of Fanatics’ Exadata Deployment
Presenters:  Michael Lykam, Director – Data Services Fanatics;  Kurt Schmutz, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

Tuesday 10-10:45 AM PT

Best Practices for Getting Started With Oracle Database In-Memory
Presenter:  Andy Rivenes, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Wednesday8-8:45 AM PT

Enabling Real Time Fraud Prevention Across Multiple Banking Channels: A Case Study of Customer XPs Clari5 with Oracle Database In-Memory
Rivi Varghese, CEO, Customer XPs Software

JP Kavala, Director – Product Management, Customer XPs Software

Wednesday9-9:45 AM PT
Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture for the Cloud
Presenter:  Sridhar Ranganathan, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Wednesday10-10:45 AM PT
Exadata Software Deep Dive
Presenter:  Gurmeet Goindi, Technical Product Strategist

Wednesday11-11:45 AM PT

Exadata Cloud Service Use Cases

Cris Pedegral, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

Mathew Steinberg, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Friday, February 6, 2015

Oracle Exadata Virtual Conference Feb 11-12, 2015 (Brought to you by IOUG's Exadata SIG for FREE)

Whether you are thinking about expanding your Engineered Systems environment with Oracle Exadata X4, are in the middle of planning your Exadata migration or just curious about what makes engineered systems so powerful, you’ll find lots of insight here!

Wednesday, February 11th
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Exadata X5: Working Smart with Oracle Exadata Database Machine
Speaker: Gurmeet Goindi, Exadata Product Management, Oracle
Oracle Database In-Memory And Exadata: Do I Still Need Exadata?
Speaker: Matt Steinberg, Oracle
Exadata Performance: Latest Improvements and Less Known Features
Speaker: Tanel Poder
Thursday, February 12th
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Smart Analytics and Capacity Management for DbaaS using R
Speaker: Chaitanya Geddam, Practice Director, Accenture Enkitec Group 
Exadata Best Practices
Speaker: Dan Norris, Oracle 
Exadata and Hadoop Integration Patterns
Speaker: Aaron Werman, First Data

Contact IOUG at with any questions

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Second Oracle Exadata Virtual Conference, Feb 6-7, 2013 Organized by IOUG Exadata SIG

The Second Exadata Virtual Conference brings an extreme performance experience right to your desktop – Feb 6-7, 2013. This two day event will run 9 am to 1 pm Central Time.  To see the details from the last year's event click here.

The registration url's for each day are:
Day 1
Day 2

Whether you are thinking about expanding your Engineered Systems environment with OracleExadata X3, in the middle of planning your Exadata migration or just curious about what makes engineered systems so powerful, you’ll be sure to find lots of insight, information and ideas during the Exadata Virtual Conference, February 6-7, 2013. This two-day, free virtual conference will focus exclusively on the experiences of real Exadata customers. Learn what they would do differently, what discoveries they made along the way, and how Exadata exceeded their expectations. Register today for free and let us bring the best the Exadata community has to offer right to your desktop.

Our two-day format allows you to take advantage of one or both of our key topic areas without having to leave your office. With three one-hour presentations each day, plus an open Q&A session, you’ll get case studies and technical informational sessions that will build on each other and compound the value of your attendance.

Day 1 will take you through a day in the life of an Exadata machine administrator, plus how to plan for a migration. Sessions include:

Day 1 – Wed. Feb 6, 9am-12pm CST
• Welcome and Kickoff
• Exadata for Oracle DBAs - Arup Nanda, Starwood Hotels
• Exadata Software Maintenance Best Practices - Doug Utzig, Oracle Corporation
• Demystifying IORM for Exadata - James Steven Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing
• Lessons Learned: A DoD Exadata Migration - Christopher Douglas Bradham, Vizuri

Register for Day 1

Day 2 examines new Exadata capabilities and features, and how to optimize your Exadatainvestment:

Day 2 – Thurs. Feb 7, 9am-12pm CST
• Exadata X3: What's New and Where Are We Going - Mathew Steinberg, Oracle Corporation
• Exadata in EBS – Techniques for Proof-of-value to Production and Beyond! - Ananth Ram & Jigar Shah, Accenture
• Exadata Evolution from V1 to X3 with Deep Dive into the Features - Satyendra Kumar Pasalapudi, Apps Associates
• MAA Architecture and Operational Best Practices for Oracle Exadata – Lawrence (Hin Luen) To, Oracle Corporation
• Wrap Up

Register for Day 2

Get insight, guidance and answers from your peers on the front line of Exadata, with no travel costs or out of office – register today and reserve your seat for the Exadata VirtualConference!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Exadata Version Three Announced at Oracle Openworld 2012

Here is my understanding of the new Exadata announcements. Version 3 will ship with Oracle DB 11.2.x first and then will allow upgrade to Oracle 12C later.  The current Exadata V2 customers can upgrade the Exadata software for the write back using the flash cache features. Half RACK Exadata V2 customers could opt for the other half with the Stony Bridge (Intel processors in the new hardware) and run the new Exadata software on the whole RACK  and could also move to Oracle 12C.

Visit http://Oracle for more disussions.
(based on my understanding of the new announcements)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Exadata Virtual Conference - Jan 19-20, 2012 Concluded

The First Exadata Virtual Conference held on Jan 19-20, 2012, was a great success and attended by about 300 attendees per session... There were 6 sessions spread over two days in Webcast Format...
If you attended it, please provide us your feedback via this survey.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!  Exadata SIG announces the First Exadata Virtual Conference on Jan 19, Jan 20 (Thur/Friday) 2012. The two day event will be 2 PM to 5 PM EST each day.

Registration url:  (please register for each day separately)

Jan 19

Jan 20

Day 1  - Jan 19, 2012 - Thursday  1:30-5 PM EST     Conf kick off at 1:30 PM ET  (Arup/Vinod)

Speaker 1> Phil Stephenson – State of Exadata 2012   - 2 PM ET

Speaker 2> Jim Czuprynski - Exadata Database Machine: Understanding Why It Works As Well As It Does   3 PM ET

Speaker 3> Anuj Mohan -  Top Exadata features you need to know.   4 PM ET

Day 2 – Jan 20, 2012   Friday    2-5:30 PM ET    5-5:30 PM - Attendee Feedback and closing session (Shyam)

Speaker 1> Stephen Holder – Smart Scan    2 PM ET

Speaker 2> Kevin Courtney - Exadata Customer Case Studies: Key Considerations when Planning and Executing a Complex Database Consolidation  3 PM ET

Speaker 3> Andy Colvin - Surviving Exadata Patching     4 PM ET

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oracle Exadata Virtual Conference 2012 (Friday Jan 2012)

Announcing the Exadata Virtual Conference - 2012 on Friday, Jan 20

Exadata SIG along with IOUG is organizing the First Exadata Virtual Conference on Jan 20, 2012. This Virtual only conference will be conducted via day long Web Conference session on Friday Jan 2012. Here are the suggested topics to invite speakers from Customers, Implementer and Oracle:

>Introduction to Exadata / Or Product Roadmap
>Decision process or getting ready for Exadata
>Exadata case study for DW, for OLTP or for DW Consolidation
> Exadata Patching process and support tips
>Other topics like Resource manager, HCC case study etc..
>Multi appliance shop e.g. Exadata + Exalogic, including multi vendor shop experiences like Exadata, Teradata, Netezza etc

Please send your proposals as email to including Title, Abstract, Bio abd Level of Audience (Intro, Intermediate, Advanced). You can also post your interest and suggested topic in the Linked Group for peer comments. We will soon provide the link for attendee registration. It will be free to attend. We request you to become free member of Exadata SIG via to get all the information about this event.