Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oracle Openworld 2011 Announcements, what do you think?

Oracle Openworld 2011 made a lot of announcements specially around the "engineered" systems or the Exa-Line of products and related appliances. Here is a list (may not be complete!):

  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • T-4 SPARC SuperCluster
  • Exalytics - BI Machine
  • Oracle BI Machine
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance

Please provide your opinion on these products, detailed comments can be left here:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Exadata SIG session at Oracle Openworld on Oct 2, 2011

Come to Moscone West on Oct 2, 2011 (Sunday from 9-5 PM PDT)

Session ID: 27260
Name:  Vinod Haval
Title:  IOUG: Oracle Exadata A Real Life Example

Session ID: 09105
Name:  Rizwan M.K.
Title:  IOUG: Exa Family the magic wand for the Aging application infrastructure

Session ID: 31460
Name:  Arup Nanda
Title:  IOUG: Exadata for Oracle DBAs

Session ID: 27261
Name:  Shyam Nath / Vinod Haval
Title:  IOUG: Exadata Customer Panel

Session ID: 29221
Name: Andy Flower
Title: The Impact of Exadata in Your Business Environment

Session ID: 27280
Name:  Jan Klokkers
Title:  IOUG: Oracle Exadata Database Machine for SAP software