Friday, September 18, 2009

Sun Oracle Database Machine for Data Warehousing (Sep 30)

Attend the Webcast on Exadata 2, titled "Sun Oracle Database Machine for Data Warehousing" brought to you jointly by Exadata SIG and BIWA SIG.

Speaker: Jean Pierre Dijcks - Data Warehousing Product Mgmt, Oracle

Abstract: On September 15 Oracle announced the second generation of its Database Machine, making an already strong data warehousing product significantly stronger. The new version runs on Sun hardware and offers important new features. Available in full rack, half rack, quarter rack, and basic unit configurations, the Sun Oracle Database Machine can add value at many data warehouse size levels.

The Sun Oracle Database Machine runs on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and has new features such as:
Smart Flash Cache memory for ultra-fast IO - Reaches 50GB/second on a full rack system (not even counting gains from compression) Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression - Maximizes data capacity and reduces scan times: think 500GB/second IO Offloaded Data Mining Scoring - Moves CPU-intensive operations from database servers to Exadata storage servers In-Memory Parallel Execution - Caches full tables in memory across nodes: foundation of new TPC-H world record There is plenty more we have not listed above, so come to this TechCast and learn about this major new product!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exadata Story in pictures

Here is the story of Exadata 2 in pictures:

For Q&A on Exadata 2, click here.


Oracle Exadata II - OLTP Database Machine with SUN Hardware

Larry Ellison of Oracle unveils the Exadata Version 2: The First Database Machine for OLTP from Oracle using the SUN hardware. What does this mean for HP? It is the end of the HP Oracle Database Machine or the Exadata 1.

The Exadata Database Machine Version 2, made jointly by Oracle and SUN. It is pitched as the world's fastest machine for both data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP). Thus is meant for mixed mode loads. It is interesting that Larry, when announcing he Exadata I, last year said that OLTP system have 70% query load. Thus, Exadata 2, is a combination of faster query and write, to target the OLTP and hybtid loads on the large databases.

Exadata 2 uses the industry standard H/W components along with the FlashFire technology from Sun. The Exadata 2 requires Oracle 11g R2 and Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software Release 11.2. Larry claimed that the Sun Oracle Database Machine Version 2 is twice as fast as Version 1 for data warehousing. Oracle (and HP) will no longer make the Exadata 1 now.

The Sun Oracle Database Machine now is not confined to data warehousing applications. The difference is the addition of Exadata Smart Flash Cache based on Sun FlashFire technology to deliver extreme performance and scalability for online transaction processing (OLTP). Thus you can now have say Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and your Oracle BI Data Warehouse, all on the same Exadata 2 and the new hardware can handle mixed workload.

Exadata Version 2 will be available in four models:
> full rack (8 database servers and 14 storage servers),
> half-rack (4 database servers and 7 storage servers),
> quarter-rack (2 database servers and 3 storage servers) and
> a basic system (1 database server and 1 storage server).

All four Exadata configurations are available immediately to the customers. Larry said that with the Sun Oracle Database Machine, Oracle customers can store more data and search data more than ten-times faster without making any changes to applications.

Here is the Hardware and Software stack for Exadata 2

Sun's FlashFire memory cards enable high performance OLTP
80% Faster CPUs - Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processors
50% Faster Disks - 600 GB SAS Disks at 6 Gigabits/second
200% Faster Memory - DDR3 memory
125% More Memory - 72 Gigabytes per database server
100% Faster Network - 40 Gigabits/second InfiniBand
Raw disk capacity of 100 TB (SAS) or 336 TB (SATA) per rack

Software from Oracle

Features the world's first flash-enabled database - Oracle 11g Release 2
Hybrid columnar compression for 10-50 times data compression
Scans on compressed data for even faster query execution
Storage Indexes to further reduce disk I/Os
Offloading of query processing to storage using Smart Scans
Smart scans of Data Mining models in storage servers
Applications running on the Sun Oracle Database Machine achieve up to 1 Million I/O Operations per Second to Flash Storage

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exadata SIG at Oracle Openworld 2010 - Click on the Image to Enlarge it

HO Oracle Database Machine v/s OLTP Database Machine

YADM - (Yet another database machine), this time it is an OLTP machine to be announced on Tuesday - Sep 15. See the details here "Announcing the World’s First OLTP Database Machine with Sun FlashFire Technology "

The HO Oracle Database Machine and Exadata storage announced in the Oracle Openworld 2008, was mainly targeted to the high end data warehousing. Some of the pioneers to use this were Giant Eagle, LGR Telecomm etc. It was based on HP hardware. This new offering targeted at OLTP databases, is based on Sun hardware.