Friday, September 18, 2009

Sun Oracle Database Machine for Data Warehousing (Sep 30)

Attend the Webcast on Exadata 2, titled "Sun Oracle Database Machine for Data Warehousing" brought to you jointly by Exadata SIG and BIWA SIG.

Speaker: Jean Pierre Dijcks - Data Warehousing Product Mgmt, Oracle

Abstract: On September 15 Oracle announced the second generation of its Database Machine, making an already strong data warehousing product significantly stronger. The new version runs on Sun hardware and offers important new features. Available in full rack, half rack, quarter rack, and basic unit configurations, the Sun Oracle Database Machine can add value at many data warehouse size levels.

The Sun Oracle Database Machine runs on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and has new features such as:
Smart Flash Cache memory for ultra-fast IO - Reaches 50GB/second on a full rack system (not even counting gains from compression) Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression - Maximizes data capacity and reduces scan times: think 500GB/second IO Offloaded Data Mining Scoring - Moves CPU-intensive operations from database servers to Exadata storage servers In-Memory Parallel Execution - Caches full tables in memory across nodes: foundation of new TPC-H world record There is plenty more we have not listed above, so come to this TechCast and learn about this major new product!
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